Heart Tantra

Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills, How to become 'great in bed'


“Thank you for a lovely experience today, which was even better than expected. I had visited a couple of ‘tantra’ practitioners in the past but had not been overly impressed, they certainly did not compare to your warm, personal and sensuous session today.  It’s been a while (probably far too long) since I have enjoyed such gentle, intimate and, yes, caring touch”

“Thank you for the tantric session this afternoon. I haven’t felt so comfortable and relaxed for a very long time. My body feels so good. Thanks again for a wonderful experience, I look forward to the next time.”

“You’re bright and knowledgeable. You have a warm and friendly approach. Your hands are soft and your touch is light. And you’re very attractive as well. What’s not to like?”

“Charming character, extremely attractive, and the softest, gentlest touch. Thank you. “

“Thank you for the most heavenly and beautiful experience I have ever had with my tantric massage yesterday. You are so gifted and talented at what you do,  and such a kind and caring person. You sent me to another planet and beyond , and I am still coming down to earth from such a high. Looking forward to another session soon.”

“Thank you for your wonderful and spiritual massage and complete relaxation, I think a full body orgasm was achieved.  I say “think”, because I’ve never experienced one before, but it was certainly unlike anything else.  I remember the mounting excitement, as you took me up and down, until it reached an unstoppable climax, and then it was almost as if I blacked out for a few seconds, then awaking with a deep feeling of contentment and of being absolutely present in the moment, without another concern in the world.”

“I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for your yesterday’s session.  It was really useful and hopefully will be a really good start in me overcoming my issues and problems in relationships.  I felt really good last night.”

“Many thanks for a wonderful and interesting first Tantra session yesterday, really enjoyed our time together, as your such a lovely kind person and was surprised how quickly i managed to relax with you. Lots to learn and practice, and looking forward to another session with you soon.”  

“Truly an amazing experience, and you were really helpful.  Your touch and understanding, you sent me to the clouds and beyond. I surrender to your touch and melt under your spell, you do make me feel so comfortable in your company, such a nice lady. I’m so pleased to be back with you again and look forward to our next.