Heart Tantra

Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills, How to become 'great in bed'

Tantra Massage Sessions

Tantra Massage is a one way touch massage experience, that invites you to explore a new way of experiencing pleasure. Close your eyes, focus on your physical  sensations, and trust in the wisdom of your body. Whether your wish is to experience full body orgasm, to resolve a sexual issue/concern, or to receive some tender loving touch, you are welcome here.


Traditional Tantra Massage

Develop the art of full body orgasm…

This ancient sexual tradition offers a mystical journey into full body pleasure. Relax and surrender into a deeply sensual massage. A pleasurable intimate massage gently warming arousal and desire. Guided breath-work helping pleasure to flow, expanding your capacity to experience sexual pleasure and joy.

Take the time to  practice, and master some key erotic skills, and Tantra will take you into deep levels of relaxation, stimulate and spread pleasure throughout your body, lead to extended, full-body orgasm and altered mind-states.  

Specialist Tantra Massage

Address all kinds of sexual difficulties…

Tantra Massage can be a wonderful way to tackle problems, and get your sex life and self esteem back on track. Relax and unwind with a deeply sensual massage. Enjoy specialist time to address all kinds of sexual issues, such as; lack of desire, premature or delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, help to find orgasm with more ease, or for the first time ever.

Sometimes life’s challenges can make pleasure feel less important, hard or even impossible to enjoy, but with the right guidance and tools, it really is possible to overcome life’s barriers, and to experience more of what you truly deserve.

Sensual Tantra Massage

Receive some tender, loving touch…

Reawaken your body with some loving, heartfelt touch. Relax, and unwind with a luxurious foot bath. Melt into the moment with a loving face caress. Close your eyes and stimulate your sensual side, with a multi sensory experience. Drift into pleasure with a timeless intimate massage.

Most people desire, and require touch on a regular basis. Infact,  affection is defined as  a basic human need. But with the fast pace of modern life, you might feel like you’re not getting enough.  This session provides a perfect opportunity to  receive some essential, loving, tenderness.