Heart Tantra

Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills, How to become 'great in bed'

Tantra Intimacy Sessions

You will be invited to partake, in a range of touch based experiences…

Western Society seems to have made intimacy more about performance and goals, rather than how good it feels. The skills and confidence that you develop within these sessions will highten your own physical feelings, and allow you to connect, communicate and respond to your lover/partner, without unhelpful thoughts and distractions ruining your special time together.

These sessions are to be taken in order…

Session OneAwaken your skin, and your whole body. Experience increased pleasure, not just in the bedroom, but within every aspect of your life.

Session Two – Express your wishes and desires with ease and confidence. Share affection lovingly and generously, without the pressure to perform.

Session Three –  Become and expert lover. Develop new ways to touch, talk to, and play with your partner, for better sex, and renewed intimacy.

Tantra Intimacy is an amazing experience, with skills that will inspire your future lovelife.


Tantra Intimacy (Session One) 

Feel more pleasure…

Awaken your skin and your whole body, and feel more sensation everywhere. Receive massage that stimulates your senses. Close your eyes and explore touch, taste, scent and sound. Discover simple ways to express what you want,  to make things even better.

Where do you enjoy being touched? What are your favourite kinds of touch? Do you like featherlight touch, or do you prefer deep massage? What senses excite you? Do you always know what you want? Do you know how to ask for what you want?

Tantra Intimacy (Session Two)

Ask for what you want…

Express your wishes and desires with ease and confidence. Communicate with your lover in mindful and sensual ways. Increase the amount of affection that you share, and bring the spark back into your sex life.

Do you always ask for what you really want? Are there places where you would like to be touched more often? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try and never done before? Is there something you did when you were younger but haven’t tried in a long time?

Tantra Intimacy (Session Three)

Learn how to touch…

When we love someone, we  want to make them feel a million dollars, and when we touch them we want to rock their world. Practice and master the art of touch. Take home new ways to touch, talk to, and play with your partner, for better sex and renewed intimacy.

Do you always know what your lover wants? Are there things that used to turn them on, that don’t work anymore? Is their mind often elsewhere? Do you spend lots of time trying, and often seem to get things wrong? Would you like to get things right?