Heart Tantra

Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills, How to become 'great in bed'

Contact Form

Please contact me by using the form below, or email me devontantra@yahoo.co.uk. Please tell me about why you have got in touch, and what you are looking for.  Please tell me about things that you enjoy,  your hopes, and positive changes that you would  like to make.

Time & Money

All sessions last a minimum of 2 hours…

Tantra Intimacy Sessions, each session costs £120 plus £30 deposit = £150 per session

Tantra Massage Sessions, each session costs £90 plus £30 deposit = £120 per session

Session packages (tailored to meet your individual needs) can be arranged on consultation. please contact me for details.

Please note: I always require caller contact details and payment of a £30 deposit to confirm a booking.