Heart Tantra

Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills, How to become 'great in bed'

About Tantra Intimacy

Western society seems to have made intimacy more about performance and goals, rather than how good it feels. When we think about intimacy in this way, there are potential pressures around every corner. There are expectations to perform, to do things right, to like it, to be aroused by it, or to arouse your partner. Such demands can create unhelpful thoughts, such as, “Will my body work? Will my partner like what I’m doing?” With all this pressure, is it any wonder that we might struggle to find, regain or sustain the playful, meaningful, and sensual sex life that we all desire.

Tantra Intimacy skills will help you, and your intimate other,  to enjoy each moment, without unhelpful worries and distractions disrupting your special time together.


Discover how to enjoy a happier, more fulfilling sex life.

Tantra Intimacy is about more than just technique. It’s much deeper. It’s what makes all your techniques work. Old habits fall away, as you learn to relate to your body in new and interesting ways. You take home new ways to touch, talk and play with a partner, for better sex and renewed intimacy. You learn how to feel more sensation everywhere, to go deeper into your pleasure, and to experience prolonged and hightened arousal.

You will learn how to be comfortable, confident and present during intimacy, in each moment. To give and receive pleasure consciously and generously, without the pressure to perform. You will learn to express your wishes and desires, free of fear and shame. To trust your yes and no and reserve the right to change your mind.

As the sessions pass, you will learn how to enjoy your body, and to share it with others in fulfilling and heartfelt ways.