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Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills, How to become 'great in bed'

Sex Coaching & Intimacy Skills: How to become ‘great in bed’

Tantra Intimacy & Tantra Massage

I invite you to join me for Heart-Centred Tantra Intimacy & Tantra Massage Sessions, in Devon (nr. Plymouth & Exeter). Allow your pleasure to blossom and grow. Discover intimacy that feels clear and full of choice. Learn to Inhabit your body with ease and confidence. To give and receive pleasure consciously and generously, without the pressure to perform. 

Whether you have sexual difficulties, curiosities to explore, or simply long to receive the most exquisite loving touch, you are welcome here. Transform challenges of the past, into new opportunities to expand pleasure in your body. 

“What would it feel like to touch and be touched, with clarity, sensuality, confidence and joy?”

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“From a bud, let us watch the petals gently unfold. The nature of this Flower is to bloom!”

Tantra Massage: Surrender into a deeply sensual massage. Allow yourself to be pampered and adored. Receive touch that stimulates, and awakens your body. Enjoy the experience of pleasure, as it changes and moves within you. Expand into blissful states of full body pleasure. 

Tantra Intimacy: Learn to enjoy your body, and to share it with others in fulfilling and heartfelt ways. I consider touch to be a fundamental part of intimacy. In my eyes the giving and receiving of sensual and erotic touch (without the aim of intercourse) is the missing link for creating and sustaining physical intimacy, with ourselves and others. Develop confidence in how you touch. Receive touch that is right for you. Learn to give and receive pleasure with clarity, sensuality, confidence and joy. 

Tantra Intimacy & Tantra Massage Sessions take place at my studio, in Devon, nr. Plymouth & Exeter. If you are thinking about booking your first session, please complete my online Contact Form.